Our educational philosophy is integrating both ancient, modern and Chinese as well foreign values.

    HaidianForeign Language Academy welcomes outstanding teachers from all over the world. Every teacher respects the individuality of children and adheres to the highest standards of education.

    Education is like lighting a fire.

    He Yao

    Teacher Training Institute Director of Haidian Foreign Language Academy Executive principal of Junior & Senior high school in Hainan campus

    To influence students with a positive life attitude, to stimulate students with abundant? passion, and to motivate students with a tolerant attitude.

    Guo Rui

    Vice principal of Junior & Senior high school

    Each flower has a different flowering season, and what we need to do is wait for the flowers bloom.

    Wang Ying

    Vice principal of Junior & Senior high school

    Strict management with deep love.

    Jin Wenkai

    Principal of Junior high school in Jingbei Campus

    As a thoughtful man, a teacher with a strong sense of responsibility is willing?to do their own efforts to block?students’ way? of bad direction.

    Zhang Songduo

    Junior & Senior high school principal of Wuhan Campus

    Things depends on what he did before.

    Wang Liang

    Principal of Hannan Campus

    Every student is a small universe with unlimited potential.

    Zhao Wenyun

    Vice principal of Junior high school

    “Do things with heart, cultivate people with love and devote to them.”

    Song Jianhua

    Vice principal of Junior & Senior high school

    “Respect the students, listen to the students, and capture the shining points of the students.”

    Wan Yue

    Vice principal of Senior high school

    “The true wisdom of education is always to treat every child with the most sincere behavior, believing that love from the heart will awaken all the good qualities.”

    Zhang Hong

    Vice administration principal of Junior High School in Jingbei Campus

    “Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire.”

    Gao Pei

    Assistant Principal

    A teacher’s real ability, is not? how he can teach knowledge, but to see if he can stimulate students’ learning motivation, arouse students’ learning desire, make them interested to participate in the teaching process.”

    Li Xiaonan

    Grade Director

    Being a teacher with love, I aim to educate students with gratitude and knowledge.

    Xu Yao

    Grade Director
    Doctor's Degree Certified IB CAS Coordinator

    “Learning by doing” , and? inquiry lights up children’s future.

    Zhu Cuihua

    Head of Comprehensive Science Teaching and Researching Department in Senior High School

    “To educate people, cultivate ourselves first;to cultivate talents, nourish the soul.”

    Lu Mohan

    Head of Overseas Studies Centre

    Teach students with full of love and strict displine

    Dong Baoping

    Head of Math Teaching and Researching Department in Junior High School

    “Teachers don’t teach people to get what they want. The most important thing is to teach them how to get it.”

    Chen Xuehong

    Head of Comprehensive science Teaching and Researching Department in Junior High School

    The real purpose of education is to surpass, to surpass the next generation of human beings over the previous generation, to surpass children over parents, to surpass students over teachers.

    Zheng Shudan

    Head of English Teaching and Researching Department in Junior High School

    “On the road of learning music, I would like to accompany the students as a close friend. We make progress together and?decorate their colorful youth with happy notes!”

    Yang Mei

    Art Director of Haidian Foreign Language Academy
    Director of Moral Education Department in Hainan Campus

    “Knowledge and physical body, vitality and health are both important.”

    Wang Xuan

    Head of PE Teaching and Research Department

    “In real music, there are a thousand feelings of the heart, which is much better than words.”

    Zhang Hongyang

    Director of Art Center in Junior & Senior High School

    A good teacher, like a good entertainer first must hold his audience’s attention, then he can teach his lesson.

    Richard Brandon

    Director of Studies in International Senior High School

    When I am with the students, I am so happy. So the students is the same.

    Kirill Sadikov

    Science Teacher in International Senior High School

    Learning and relating are life-long processes which will serve students long after they have graduated.

    Brian James Hansen

    Science Teacher in International Senior High School

    I think the ultimate goal of a teacher should be to awaken within a student an intrinsic love of learning.

    Michael Weisser

    Literal Arts Teacher in International Senior High School

    “To educate a person, we should first cultivate our heart, and learn to be a man before we grow up.”

    Wang Junfeng

    English teacher in Jingbei Campus

    “Every child is the most special flower in the world. Irrigate?carefully, it will bloom the most unique color.”

    Liu Yan

    Math teacher in Jingbei Campus

    Pay attention on every details and appreciate each student.

    Bao Han

    Junior & Senior high school vice principal of Wuhan Campus

    Love for students lasts long and deep.

    Shi Li

    Principal Assistant in Wuhan Campus

    “The greatest happiness of teachers is to see the children growing up!”

    Zhuang Zhengjia

    Director of International Department in Hainan Campus

    A person who possesses good morality will be respaected by others.

    A teacher?who is proficient in the knowledge of his field will be a good educator.

    Liu Wei

    Vice Principal of Primary School

    If you start to walk, you will arrive at your destination. If you keep trying, you will succeed.

    Zhan Wei

    Principal of International Primary School

    Human nature is to teach;Human beings are ?born to be educated.

    Gao Yuan

    Vice Principal of Primary School

    Let children grow up in learning. Let?the children learn useful maths.

    Li Chunling

    Executive Principal in Jingbei Campus

    Great works of life are not to know it, but to do it.


    Vice Principal of International Primary School

    Maths if life, happiness is education.

    Zuo Kaikai

    Director of Studies in Primary School

    Love with the heart and enlighten the mind with wisdom.

    Zhao Yuxin

    Director of Studies & Administration in Primary School

    It’s the teacher’s fault if he is not strice with the students.

    Wang Jingyi

    Director of Studies in Primary School

    If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.

    Ma Shimeng

    Director of Studies in Primary School

    Education cannot ignore the function of the family, which is the basic cell of society and also the first school of life.

    Yu Xueqing

    Vice Director of Teaching and Researching Department

    True happiness comes from forgiveness and helping others!

    Sun Yawei

    Counselor of Young Pioneer Team

    “The secret of education is to respect students.”

    Su Xinhang

    Vice Director of Studies in Primary School

    The essence of education is that one tree shakes another tree, one cloud pushes another cloud, and one soul awakens another soul.

    Zeng Lili

    Vice Director of Studies in Primary School

    “The students are not necessarily inferior to the teachers, the teachers are not necessarily more virtuous than the students, they know the truth sooner or later, they have their own expertise in knowledge and skills.”

    Lu Xiaofan

    Vice Director of Studies in Primary School

    Developing a student’s interest and skills in sports, it will be with him for life.

    Bai Congying

    Director of PE Department

    “Everyone should be wonderful!”

    Chu Baichun

    Vice Director of Arts Teaching and Researching Department

    Beauty is that a kind of feeling when one is satisfited in deep of one’s heart.

    Mao Rui

    Vice Director of Dancing Department

    “Music makes a nation’s temperament more noble.”

    Zhang Lin

    Head of Chorus in Primary School

    “Do simple things thoroughly, make ordinary things classic, and make every little thing more wonderful.”

    Tian Ye

    Personnel Supervisor

    Education is actually very simple, with all your true love and ?patience.

    Ren Wenshu

    Vice Principal of Primary School

    “Education is not the filling of a vessel, but the kinding of a flame!”

    Wang Pengfei

    Moral Education Supervisor in Primary School

    We sow with love and responsibility, and don’t as what we can get.

    Zhao Qiuye

    Supervisor of Arts Department

    Love children and educate them with wisdom.

    Sun Fengxia

    Vice Principal of Primary School

    Cultivation is the carrier of education, the boundary is the starting point of education, and the personality is the sail of education.

    Sheng Yingbo

    Director of Studies in International Primary School

    The career of flowers is noble, the career of fruit is sweet, ?let us do the career of leaves, because it is ordinary and humble.

    Huo Xinru

    Director of Studies in International Primary School

    To ignite the sparks of wisdom of students with the wisdom of teachers , and make efforts to enable students to gain in class and be benefited after class.

    Zheng Jie

    Grade Leader

    Pass on all the good things to the children !

    Li Jinhui

    Vice Director of Mathematics in International Primary School

    Concentrate all my?attention on teaching, and devote my whole heart in educating.

    Liu Qun

    Vice Director of Moral Education in International Primary School

    The art of education is to make students like what you teach.

    Wang Chen

    Vice Director of Studies in International Primary School

    “Emotion is like fertile land, where the seeds of knowledge are planted.”

    Liang Li

    Vice Director of Educational Administration

    Sow the hopeful seed with love.

    Li Ying

    Counselor of Young Pioneer Team in International Primary School

    “Firmly believe that helping students grow is an important responsibility of Teachers.”

    Huang Miao

    Vice Director of Foreign Affairs Office

    We should teach and research at the same time, otherwise one meas nothing with the other one.

    Zhang Peng

    Orchestra Leader in Primary School

    “Do education with heart and be a teacher with love.”

    Kong Jia

    Supervisor of International Education

    I believe in educating the whole child so they are well balanced.

    David Kent Flower

    Foreign teacher supervisor in Primary School

    Education is ?the communication from heart to heart.

    Pan Hongwei

    Executive Principal in Hainan Campus

    After learning, you will notice that there are lots of knowledge you don’t know. When you teach, you will know you know little and should learn more.

    Li Yanan

    Vice Director of Studies in Hainan Campus

    “Love comes first in educating others and educating yourself.”

    Xue Ying

    Deputy Director of English Teaching in Hainan Campus

    “Teachers are the mirror of children, and children are the shadow of teachers.”

    Xue Fei

    Deputy Director of Chinese Teaching in Hainan Campus

    “There is a method in teaching, but there is no fixed method. It is important to teach in the right way. “

    Yin Jinxiu

    Head of Mathematics Teaching in Hainan Campus

    Feng Xuejing

    Grade Leader in Hainan Campus

    “Every child is a precious life, and every student is a vivid picture. “

    Liu Haibin

    Grade Leader in Hainan Campus

    “Learning is endless; sprouting fun, enjoy reading, work hard and harvest sweat. Do not fear the clouds cover the eyes, clear the clouds to see the sun.”

    Wang Tingting

    Teaching and Research Leader of English Group in Hainan Campus

    “The highest level of teacher-student relationship is mutual appreciation.”

    Yu Dan

    Chinese Teaching and Research Group Leader in Hainan Campus

    Teachers is to preach, to teach, and to enlighten.

    Han Xusheng

    Executive Principal in Wuhan Campus

    The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet!

    Zhu Jianlin

    Executive Vice President in Wuhan Campus

    Anyone who teach something is expecting that there is no need to teach one day.

    Zhang Dongsheng

    Director of Studies in Wuhan Campus

    “The original intention of education is to educate people. If you don’t forget your original intention, you can always have it.”

    Wu Songhua

    Director of Moral Education in Wuhan Campus

    “Education is a spring full of love. Cultivate love with your heart and warm your heart with love!”

    Hao Yanyan

    Deputy Teaching Director in Wuhan Campus

    “Down to earth, high minded.”

    Qi Dong

    Deputy Teaching Director in Wuhan Campus

    “Take care of the children’s growth with love.”

    Jiang Guoliang

    Deputy Teaching Director in Wuhan Campus

    “We should respect children and do not rush to judge them for good or for bad.”

    Zhao Yue

    Subject Director in Wuhan Campus

    “Devoted love can make the children bloom early!”

    Zhang Xu

    Counselor of Young Pioneer Team in Wuhan Campus

    “Keep a sunny heart of education and give children a bright and happy childhood.”

    Ming Zhengzhi

    Deputy Teaching Director in Jingbei Campus

    “Adhere to traditional culture education with a scientific attitude!”

    Wang Rui

    Director of Academic Affairs in Jingbei Campus

    “The way of education is nothing but love and example.”

    Zhang Baoshan

    Chinese Teaching and Research Group Leader in Jingbei Campus

    “Pay attention to every detail, appreciate every student and bring love to every student.”

    Wang Kun

    Physical Education Teaching and Research Group Leader in Jingbei Campus

    “May every child become a unique beam of light to illuminate himself and then the world!”

    Zhang Naixin

    Physical Education Teaching and Research Group Leader in Jingbei Campus

    “Teaching in fun, learning in fun.”

    Huang Menghan

    English Teaching and Research Group Leader in Jingbei Campus

    “Give students a blue sky, they will make it starry; Give students a green field, and they will fill it with spring.”

    Li Weifang

    English Teaching and Research Group Leader in Jingbei Campus

    “To respect and care for a child’s self-esteem is to be as careful as a dewdrop on a rose.”

    Sun Fei

    Chinese Teaching and Research Group Leader in Jingbei Campus


    Zhao Fang

    Deputy Director of Teaching in Primary School

    “No pains, no gains.”

    Cao Jing

    Head of Educational Administration

    Let’s squat down and enter the world of children together.?Calm down, let’s accompany the children when they are growing up.?I hope we will bring children real happiness and eternal happiness wholeheartedly.

    Li Jing

    General Director of Kindergarten

    “To do things in a down-to-earth way, the heart is also steadfast.”

    Wang Bing

    Deputy Director of Operation Support Department of Preschool Education Management Center

    If we didn’t do anything within a day, it is a regret for life.? Make good use of time and wait for the children to grow up like the flowers? blooming.

    Lu Na

    Director of Preschool Education Management Center

    We firmly believe that education is for the sake of “Tao”, “de” and our own “heart”. No matter how difficult the road ahead is, we will never forget that “Every child facing ourselves is a living person who will think and change because of my every move!”

    Zhao Yu

    Deputy director of Supervision Department of Preschool Education Management Center

    “To give is to receive, to love is to be loved. May we grow and make progress together.”

    Li Xiaoxia

    Head of health care sector of Preschool education management center

    “Love is a kind of art and loving children is a kind of enjoyment.”

    Guo Yanbing

    Deputy director of Supervision Department of Preschool Education Management Center

    “Do whatever comes to your mind right away. Don’t lose even a second. It will be rewarding for you.”

    Zeng Yang

    Deputy director of administration department of Preschool education Management Center

    “Let’s hand in hand, heart to heart, in the HW preschool garden, to create each child’s own beginning of life.”

    Xue Ying

    Executive Director of Kindergarten in Haidian Campus

    “Education is a process of “spring breeze and rain, moisten things silently”. With our efforts, we hope every child can get happy development.”

    Yin Sujing

    Deputy principal of teaching in Haidian Campus

    “Love is the soul of education. Only the education with love is the real education. With love and patience to pay attention to every child, let them have a happy childhood!”

    Zhang Yanxia

    Deputy logistics director of Haidian Campus

    “Where knowledge does not exist, ignorance pretends to be science; Where teachers do not exist, ignorance becomes wisdom.”

    Liu Yun

    Director of nursing and teaching

    “Respect children, because children need to be equal; Appreciate children, because children need confidence; Trust the child, for the child needs independence; Learn children, because children’s world is a pure world!”

    Han Ye

    Director of nursing and teaching

    “Children should grow up happily, receive equal attention and care, and have the space for independent and bold exploration.”

    Yin Jieyun

    Director of nursing and teaching

    “Always look at children with the eyes of appreciation, always with a tolerant attitude in the face of children.”

    Wang Lixin

    Director of nursing and teaching

    “Care for every child, their growth is my greatest happiness.”

    Sheng Xiaoting

    Teaching and research team leader

    “Give love to children, give integrity to parents, and leave confidence to yourself! “

    Li Yang

    Teaching and research team leader

    “Education has no trifles; teachers have no minor points of conduct.”

    Tu Jing

    English Team Leader

    “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. -Nelson Mandela “


    English Teacher

    “The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.”

    Cliff Cook

    English Teacher

    “Communication of mind is better than knowledge transfer.”


    English Teacher

    “The greatest teachers are ones who still consider themselves as students.”


    English Teacher

    “Every child is a seed and has its own unique vitality. I’m willing to do my best to provide them with proper sunshine, soil, water and nutrients, so that they can grow healthily.”

    Chen Xin

    Executive Director in Chaoyang Campus

    “To win the children’s sincerity with motherly love; to win parents’ reassurance with a high sense of responsibility; to stimulate children’s curiosity with the ingenuity of artists.”

    Gao Yufei

    Teaching Director in Chaoyang Campus

    “Respect, let children’s mind toward freedom; encourage, let life actively interact; open, let everyone harvest wonderful.”

    Guo Weiwei

    Grade Leader in Chaoyang Campus

    “Educations purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one。”


    English Teacher

    “Praising is like sunshine, air and water. It is essential for children to grow up. I appreciate the children, treat them with a tolerant attitude and accompany them to grow up happily.”

    Wang Lei

    Director of Kindergarten in Wuhan Campus

    “The future of the world is in my classroom today.”


    English Teacher

    “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”


    English Teacher

    “Dreams don’t work unless you do.”


    English Teacher

    “Let’s approach children, understand them, listen to them, liberate them, appreciate them and encourage them. May we hold hands and heart to heart in this place of love and hope, and breathe the essence of modern education in a romantic manner, so that every child can have the best beginning of life here.”

    Wu Jing

    Director of Kindergarten in Hainan Campus

    “Like many children, I like electronic games, but besides playing games, I can also develop games. As a teacher, what I would like to teach my children is to learn to think, create and cooperate in the process of playing.”

    Li Shuo

    STEAM Education Center: Director

    “Lead the children to keep curious and check in advance the future, an interconnected and intelligent future.”

    Wei Xing

    STEAM Education Center: Director of Teaching and Research

    “Life is a joy, so should be learning.”by Mae Carden

    Wang Hualiang

    Carden Education: Chief Representative in China

    “I strive to positively impact students each day through education, empowerment, and enlightenment!”

    Crystal Renata

    Carden Education : Academic Director of Education
    “I hope that every student realizes they are worthy and through learning and knowledge they can make a difference.”

    Christopher O'Connell

    Carden Education:Administrative Director of Foreign Teachers Director of Education Administration;Director of Foreign Teachers Management

    “Hoping all the students have a great achievement and I am so glad to be with the children when they are growing up!”

    Weng Chuyan

    Fine Arts & Sports Center: Director

    “I will do my best? to do what the children need.”

    Yu Chunyi

    Fine Arts & Sports Center: Director of the Teaching and Research Office of Dancing

    “We should build a solid foundation on students’ music basic education.”

    Guo Xiang

    Fine Arts & Sports Center: Director of the Teaching and Research Office of Music

    “Teach students in accordance of their aptitude.”

    Zhang Yang

    Fine Arts & Sports Center: : Director of the Teaching and Research Office of Badminton

    “Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm” ——by Winston Churchill

    Michel J. Hu Kwo

    AGTA Sports College: Director

    “Every way of learning is difficult, and to be a strict teacher is also difficult.”

    Shen Ze

    AGTA Sports College: Senior Coach

    “Affection is the source, efficiency comes from diligence.”

    Shang Lei

    AGTA Sports College: Golf Director of Beijing Campus

    “It’s precious to learn and get the teacher’s advice. It’s also precious to make friends while learning.”

    Cai Lin

    AGTA Sports College: Senior Fencing Coach of Beijing Campus

    “It is important for teaching is? to teach according to his ability and cultivate your mind.”

    Liang Jin

    AGTA Sports College: Senior Golf Coach

    “There are no born strong people, only those who don’t work hard.Success is for those who are prepared!I’d like to stand together through storm and stress.”

    Huang Yikai

    AGTA Sports College: Director of Water Sports Center in Hainan Campus

    “The true nobility is in being superior to your previous self.”

    Ge Mingwei

    AGTA Sports College: Director of Physical Fitness Department


    Hazary Javed Akbar

    AGTA Sports College: Tennis Director in Wuhan Campus

    “Fail?to?prepare, prepare?to?fail.”

    Austin Melia

    AGTA Sports College: Director of Equestrian in Jingbei Campus

    “Learn one more foreign language and get one more world.”

    Qin Ling

    Multilingual Education Center:Director

    “The best way of learning a foreign language is in practice and it is a tool that can last a lifetime.”

    Chen Wenjin

    Multilingual Education Center:Academic Director

    “Enthusiasm determines the learning effect, and interest drives every student to be the best.”


    Multilingual Education Center: German Teacher

    “Self-directed inquiry and potential discovery.”

    Yasumitsu Kanami

    Multilingual Education Center: Japanese Teacher

    “What wonderful things to learn and grow up!?You can open your vision,r each a higher level of knowledge,?make your dreams come true and make you who you want to be!”

    Claire Julie QUILICI

    Multilingual Education Center:French Teacher

    “Foreign languages make children have an extraordinary pattern and create an unlimited future.”

    Li Juan

    Multilingual Language Center: Team Leader of French Teaching and Research Group

    “Education is to inspire life, to enrich life, to help the children with their own strength to survive, and to help them develop the spirit.”by Maria Montessori

    Liu Ying

    Multilingual Language Center: Team Leader of German Teaching and Research Group

    “Make good use of ?physical strength and energy,?and be prosperous with others.”

    Kuang Siru

    Multilingual Language Center: Team Leader of Japanese Teaching and Research Group

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